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Web Nuke!

What on earth IS www Nuker anyways?

Two things you need to ask yourself:

· Do I hate GIF advertisements?
· Do I hate pop ups that show "You've won, congrats!"?

Yes to EITHER of those, you WANT this.

What it does, is when you Right Click on any (page, link, gif, etc), you can tell it, "HEY, WebNuke this".  It adds the DNS entry to the system, forcing it to another address (your machine to be exact), so what you get are BROKEN GIFs (that would have loaded in advertisements) and pop up windows complaining they can't find what they wanted.  (Yeah, so?  I can easily do that.)  Sure you can, if you want to pull up Notepad and do so with EVERY single item, that is IF you know where to do this and HOW!  Not everyone does, plus this is faster than doing the Notepad route ANY day.

The following are versions of the operating system components and their respective Windows versions that are required for this program to work:

· Minimum Browser: Internet Explorer 5.01[SP1]
· Windows 95/98FE/98SE/ME/XP/NT3.51 (and up)

· 50k free disk space (yeah, it's a hog isn't it)

(SP1 means Service Pack 1, visit Windows Update and check to see IF product updates lists a service pack for your version of Internet Explorer.)

This program only works with Internet Explorer, all other browsers are NOT supported. (Unless someone can help me to make it work with others.)

So download it already!  Not like you can't afford 50k of disk space usage.

Oh yeah, it's Freeware. Forgot that.

Click to for a screenshot of the program.
Download Web Nuke Download Web Nuke Remover


Current Version: 1.1.0007