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Web Nuke FAQ!

A: The page for downloads DOES work, with IE and Netscape, but NOT with any download enhancers, turn them OFF.

Q: I want to use it with another browser, why won't it work with it?
A: The blocking effect of this software IS system wide, I've tried to get info from the other browser authors on how to add this into their browser's context menu and was given "The Treatment" (them being all secret like and not wanting to give any information out), unless I paid for licensing (in some cases). If you know how to add menu items onto the other browsers, DO tell.

Q: I right click on something and WebNuke, but it still exists!
A: Some systems have a cache that keeps entries in memory. A LOT of settings can cause this, but a restart WILL force it. Although, for most cases, closing all Internet Explorer windows will cause it to be refreshed so the changes are noticed.

Q: I installed it, but it's complaining about a Class error.
A: The browser needs updating: Windows Update and click "Scan For Updates". Make sure there is no listing for Internet Explorer updates. Most of the time, IE 5 requires Service Pack 1 (SP1), IE 5.5 needs it's Service Pack as well.

Q: I nuke an ad and now I can't get to the site I WANT!
A: Since Version 1.0.0001 [internal], wwwNuker now warns if you're about to nuke the site you're AT, so you can't accidently nuke a website where the ads came from is actually the site you're AT. (In that case, you can't nuke them. Some webmasters are just evil.)

Q: One of my children nuked a site I NEED to get to!
A: Email me, I'll help you get it back. (Rather than list it here, it's easier this way.) When I sort out how to do the password lock safely, I will add it.

Q: I'm using this instead of a pop-up killer and I get windows with "Site not found" or "Page cannot be displayed" errors after I nuke the pop-up window's contents, is this normal?
A: Yes. Merely close the dumbfounded window that has nothing in it, snicker at the site for trying something underhanded, email the webmaster and tell them to "STOP POPPING STUFF UP, I DON'T NEED OR WANT IT", in a polite manner of course. Or, another option is to use a window closer that's freeware, from AnalogX called POW!

Q: You get an error that says "Component MSCMCTL.OCX or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered."
A: Go to Microsoft and download the Visual Basic 6 runtime libraries and install them, chances are, your original versions are damaged.

Q: How do I uninstall WebNuke?
A: Uninstaller can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q: ActiveX component cannot create object
A: It's a large answer.

ActiveX error message: "ActiveX component cannot create object" occurs immediately upon selecting WebNuke or associated modules.

This error is not related to WebNuke. It is a general system error due to improper configuration or software conflicts. WebNuke merely makes this system issue more visible by providing this message. WebNuke requires a well managed, stable target platform for proper installation and operation. If this system issue is not addressed properly, potential data corruption or worse could occur at any time. The following steps may be helpful, however the most expedient means to resolve the error is to re-install the OS from scratch. This ensures all system issues are resolved and WebNuke will be able to install and run properly. A less drastic approach would be to run a Registry cleaning utility (see Microsoft for details), to address registry issues on the target machine, then re-install WebNuke. Ensure the installation of the Microsoft support files, DCOM98 and VBRun60 was completed. These updates are available from MS for download (, see below). Perform the installation of these files, then re-install WebNuke.

DCOM98 is at: DCOM98.EXE

VBRun60 is at: VBRun60.EXE

Click to for a screenshot of the program.
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