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First off, I'm not going to bore anyone with "Who I am" or "What I do". But what I am going to say is this:

I wrote these, as a means to fill a gap in what I found I was doing manually, plus I also found it a lot easier for daily usage of my computer. I'm also keeping my languages up to date (programming), by keeping myself in the frame of mind it takes to write software. Yes, it does take a "frame" of mind to write software, but writing documentation for that software, is a whole other story! If you can't understand my documentation, re-re-re-read it. It might make sense in a few hours of re-reads.

If you really cannot in the least, figure out in any way, shape or form, how to work my software, email me at the address on the left. I'll do my best to help.

If you found a (like I doubt it) bug, email me the error message along with the crash message.

And with that, click on the links on the side bar, to get to the software.