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Smart Cleaner

What is Smart Cleaner you ask?

Operating systems from the DOS era, used files called "Temporary Files" (they typically end in .tmp) whenever you actually did anything that involved changing a file (like word processing), or where a program needed to temporarily hold something during an operation.

But, so? They get cleaned up when the program exits, right?

Yes and No.

Yes:Most software companies let the OS deal with this.
No:Windows doesn't remove Temporary Files unless it's told to.

When you install new software on your computer, a large amount of the installation, winds up in your Temp folder (where those pesky Temporary Files reside). Though, due to badly designed installations (not the companies that make those specific installers, just those who USE them don't always get it right), your system can wind up with installation files lerking in your Temp folder, collecting bit dust.

Well, what do you do about it?

You COULD manually delete the stuff yourself, but, like most computer users, you're too lazy and it sits there for months, and you run low on disk space and wonder why!

It's only when you run OUT of disk space, that you go looking for things to remove.

Then in comes Smart Cleaner, it cleans out the folders it's been set up to clean, on restart or new user login. For most people, the default setup will remove a good deal of junk and free a lot of disk space, so you can continue to be lazy. Works great on XP AND VISTA!

You're probably thinking, "So what, I'll just leave them there." Every time Windows opens a file, edits a file, searches the web, and so on, it makes a temp file to do work! In order for it to open a new temp file, it first has to test to find one that doesn't exist! So it'll search the entire Temp folder looking for one that isn't there! Shouldn't take too long ever few seconds to scan that directory looking for one that doesn't exist, really!

The following are the respective Windows versions that are required for this program to work:

Windows 95/98FE/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista (and up)

165k free disk space (yeah, it's a hog isn't it)

Click to for a screenshot of the program.
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Current Version:1.0.16