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What is AutoVol you ask?

Well, after viewing a bunch of online downloads, movies, videos, watching DVD's on the PC, the TV tuner, all sorts of sounds came out of my PC, but one of the biggest problems was, each and every item had a different maximum volume!

I could sit there with the volume control open and manually change it for everything, but that got tedious. Then there's the rest of the place to contend with, "TURN THAT CRAP DOWN!" would happen whenever the next clip was 10 times louder than the previous one was.

So, what was I to do, well, I did some research, and found that most Sound Cards using Windows Driver Model Drivers (WDM) do NOT support Meters. If you open your volume control and a meter shows up, letting you see the current sound volume as it plays, then this program should also work with that same meter. What this program does, is uses a max and minimum value determined by a slide bar, the max volume typically shouldn't go above "Zero", which is where the slide bar tops out at. Anything below, will mean you want it quieter than normal.

Read the installation carefully, as it explains what is happening and when it does. Uninstall is provided and it may be necessary IF the program tells you it's not capable of working with your current sound card's driver.

The following are the respective Windows versions that are required for this program to work:

Windows 95/98FE*/98SE*/ME*/NT*/2000*/XP*/Vista* (and up)*
(*) A non-WDM sound card driver or Meter supporting WDM driver.

80k free disk space (yeah, it's a hog isn't it)

Click to for a screenshot of the program.
Download AutoVol

For help, see Email on left!

Current Version:1.0.11